• Craig Merlin

My Driving Force in Real Estate and Golf

I get asked all the time why I transitioned from golf into real estate. For one, I have been investing in real estate for years even when I was still playing. Two, they are so darn similar to each other. When I am analyzing a shot, or a putt, I must take all my surrounding factors into account. Am I tired? What is the speed of the green? Am I on an upslope or downslope? Is it windy? There are so many things we naturally consider and understand what we should or are trying to do. This is a lot like how I analyze a real estate deal. Is it cash flowing? Do the tenants have good credit? Am I in a flood zone? What potential risks do I face in the future?

Each shot or deal requires careful analysis and focus to succeed. Each shot and deal are different from the last one with completely different circumstances, players involved, and factors. What happened in the past stays in the past. Each new opportunity gives me the chance to succeed. It gives me the chance to reach my goal and perform exactly how I envisioned.

So how can you use your knowledge in golf to succeed in the real estate world? Understand your capabilities. Know where your shortfalls exist so you can utilize outside resources and improve in the future. Use your knowledge of the past to fix issues you have faced and perform better next time. Get to where you want to be using careful analysis of the current situation. Be the best that you can be no matter what happened before. The next shot is the most important one. The next deal is your most important one. Go out there, put in the extra time, and see your efforts pay off no matter what you're doing.


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