• Craig Merlin

How to Succeed as a Lone Wolf

Whether in golf, real estate, or any other task/activity you embark upon, the results usually are contingent upon the time, effort, and passion you put in. Now how can someone in a “Lone Wolf” role guarantee success?


Much like humans, Grey Wolves (Canis Lupus), survive as members of a pack. Some packs consist of 30 wolves or more. They feed upon each other’s energy and emotions and have a tight social network within the pack. They support each other and protect each other from potential danger.

On occasion though, a wolf becomes lost, ostracized, or is sickly, and in turn becomes a “Lone Wolf” separated from the pack they knew and have survived with for years. Does this alpha predator just give up? Do they complain to other animals and seek an easy way out? Or do they fight and survive through persistency and determination?

This is the everyday life of a real estate professional. True they may be a part of a larger brokerage firm which feeds leads to them from time to time, but for the most part, the “Lone Wolf” broker only eats what they kill. But how can a “Lone Wolf” tackle a 2000 lb. buffalo, or a broker find and close on a life changing deal?


The wolf exhausts their prey until the non-dominant animal succumbs to exhaustion and gives in to the persistent wolf’s efforts. The persistent broker, whether they believe they're worthy or not of this large deal, continues to plug away, doing their research, making the calls, marketing themselves, until they eventually run down their “prey” and land the deal.

Success in anything you do comes down to how persistent and passionate you are about the task at hand. Sure, you may not see success immediately, but then again, neither does the wolf. The wolf chases for hours, sometimes even days before the buffalo gives in and the wolf gets its reward. As should you in your efforts. No matter how long it takes, keep chasing the dream. Stay passionate. Understand the killer instinct that it takes to be a success in this tough world we live in.

Harness the mindset of the “Lone Wolf”.


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