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Golfing at Granada Golf Course

I have spoken about 18-hole golf courses so far, but as we know, lots of golf is played post work and squeezed into short time periods, so I had to include a 9-hole golf course in my review. Today we look at Granada Golf Course in Coral Gables. As a municipal golf course, it is always a mystery how the government will take care of their property. Usually with major financial fluctuations based on leadership and economy, muni’s seem to be the true Jekyll and Hyde of the golf world.

When pulling up to Granada, there is usually a lot of free street parking. There are approximately 5 parking spots in the lot, and it seems like winning the lottery if one is available. After playing this course as many times as I have, I don’t even look in the lot anymore. There is no welcome staff to carry in a bag. As this course has a large percentage of rounds being walking rounds, people tend to be more than fine walking their bags in without the help of staff. The city certainly saves money not employing an attendant as it is totally unnecessary for this course. The employees at Granada are largely retirees who just love golf, which makes it a nice experience to speak with them about their experiences, game, and the current happenings of the PGA Tour. They have a great Head golf Professional who has been leading the team for many years.

The rates vary whether you're a resident of Coral Gables or not, but top out at $36 for non-residences on a weekend/holiday. As a large amount of play at Granada is walking rounds which cost $14 for a resident, this course is one of the cheapest in South Florida.

Now you may be thinking for $36 max, this course must be worthless, but recently, the conditions have been spectacular compared to what it used to be. Greens roll true, fairways are luscious, and the rough is challenging. The course is very playable and absolutely scorable. Especially the par 5, 4th hole which is a potential eagle hole with two good shots. The direction the course is in is very encouraging as I have probably played this course over 400 times and never seen it in as good condition as it was last time I played a month ago.

There is basically no merchandise to buy at Granada, but there is Burger Bobs which is a restaurant with a colt following. The people who know about it love it. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve had it. There's a reason why a restaurant like this has been around for decades. There's no beverage cart, but there is excellent food and drinks at bobs you can pick up before the round.

There is no practice facility at this course other than a putting green and a small chipping hole, but that’s kind of what I love about Granada. It makes you hit a good shot right off the bat and is an excellent course to learn golf on. This is not a championship course, the most beautiful one in Miami, or even your top priority to play, but if you have a bit of time after work, want to squeeze in a round, and don’t want to spend much money, this is absolutely the course id recommend. It is fun, quick to play, and fair. I love Granada and always enjoy playing here.

Value system:

Arrival and Parking: 4/5

Staff: 2/5

Merchandise: 1/5

Average Course Condition: 2/5

Practice Facilities: 1/5

Cost Per Round: $

Overall Grade: $$$$ (no better value on a price per hole basis for a quick round in South Florida)


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